Kursat Christoff Pekgoz

Bachelor of Science (Molecular Biology, Bilkent University)
Master of Arts (English Literature, Bogazici University)
Master of Arts (English Literature, University of Southern California)
Human Rights Advocate

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I have engaged in various forms of human rights advocacy throughout my life, including the rights of political dissidents against Islamic fundamentalism and Title IX advocacy on college campuses. I have a Bachelor's degree in Molecular Biology, as well as two M.A. degrees in English Literature.

Cv & Bio

Bilkent University, B.Sc. (Molecular Biology)

Bogazici University, M.A. (English Literature)

University of Southern California, Ph.D. Candidate (English Literature)


Translator/Interpreter (Since 2004)

Studied English, Turkish, Ancient Greek, Russian, Latin. German

Research Assistant at EMBL (2007)

Assistant Lecturer & Provost's Fellow (2014-2018)


Advocacy Against Islamic Fundamentalism (2007-2013)

Pro Bono Teaching for CYDD (2009-2010)

Activist During the Gezi Protests (2013-14)

Signatory to the Human Rights Declaration, "We Will not Be a Party to This Crime" (2016)

Title IX Advocacy (Pro Bono) on Behalf of Male Students (2016-2018)

Response to Defamation
My rights to privacy were breached by a partisan journalist, and I have received threats due to her dishonest coverage. I am posting the letter below to combat the defamation.
Despite the defamation, I have received 150+  supportive messages and e-mails so far. In addition, polls suggest that the majority of male students at Yale University believe in the merits of the complaint (61%). Moreover, the majority of Americans (69%) believe that men experience discrimination to some degree in our society.
Title IX
Title IX is a federal anti-discrimination law which has been increasingly quoted to defend the civil rights of men in higher education. Men are a minority in colleges and their numbers are decreasing.
Even though women are the majority, colleges maintain massive affirmative action programs for the female majority-- including female-only scholarships, Women's Centers, women's professional programs, preferences for female applicants in admission/employment, and Women's Studies as a propaganda industry. No equivalent programs exist for the male minority.  
Men and women experience sexual victimization at equal rates and the majority of men report female perpetrators. However, men are 95-99% of those punished under Title IX theory, according to institutions that release such data (such as Stanford or Yale). Men are often expelled with no presumption of innocence and sometimes for simply voicing their views. The majority of Title IX bureaucrats are women.
You may use the resources below to file your own Title IX complaint or contact me using this webpage. Please note that my opinion is no substitute for legal counsel and I cannot represent you in any capacity.

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Kursat Christoff Pekgoz

Translator, Consultant

BSc, MA, PhD (en route)

All my advocacy is time-consuming and pro bono. Your generous donations are more than welcome! Every penny helps.

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